Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanks for everyone's encouragement :)

I decided to have a little nap at 630am but in the end 3 hours later than woke up. Haha. Such a wastage of time!

I'm now putting on a mango flavoured facemask. Very nice fragrance!! Love it. So gonna buy more mango flavoured facemasks. Hohoho. Like very delicious leh, i now craving for mango shaved ice already.

Heard that my little baby cousin can walk already! So long since i last visited the grandparents, so i didn't watch her walk yet. I love that little baby. She's always so cheerful and active.

Here are some photos of her taken by my sister during June this year. Cute right!

I wonder how cute she become already. i want to visit her next week!

The TV is now showing the variety show where the host was at a foreign country seeing them do fishskin clothing. Then he so funny, ask if got fish smell, later when cat see will pounce on him anot. Lol.

Then mum said: "later the cat see already say 'wah got so big fish, can eat for one month!'


Then she say the shirt very good. When hungry still can eat.
"when in war, can cut abit and eat with rice."
Shen Jing Bing!!

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