Monday, November 16, 2009

Wife's hurt, but I still pity my mistress

This headline caught my eye yesterday and after reading the newspaper about it, i felt damn pissed off!

Here's the shorter version:

His wife is badly scalded by the hot oil poured on her by his mistress, but Mr Soo Kiong Sing says he is still caught between the two women and pities his mistress.

The mistress, Goh Gek Hwee, was jailed 3.5 years and fined $4,500 for the attack on the morning of 18 Apr.

At about 8.30am, she forced her way into the Soos' flat and tied both Madam Chan Hoong Choo - Mr Soo's wife - and his 16-year-old daughter up.

Goh then heated some oil in a frying pan and pouted the hot oil over Madam Chan's head and slowly down her body, then onto her legs.

Goh Gek Hwee, 36, was jailed for three-and-a-half years on Tuesday. She was also fined $4,500 for hitting the victim with a frying pan.

A district court heard that Madam Chan Hoong Choo, 41, suffered burns to her face, scalp, trunk, arms and legs in the attack on April 18.

Several things:
1) That husband. I personally thinks that cheating is bad and should be avoided, but im also a little bit more forgiving towards that because i understand that sometimes it is not within control (im not talking about men who purposely go around and flirt lah, im talking about a man who falls in love with a colleague/assistant/secretary after long period of time spent together).

But, cheating in a non-marital relationship and a married relationship is different. If my bf cheats on me, at most i just break off with him lor, since he also not in love with me already. But if my Husband cheats on me, i find it more heartbreaking. It's like, have you forgotten how much you were in love with your wife when you said "i do" before the pastor?

But that's not the main point.

That husband, still pities and side with his mistress after his mistress tied his wife up and pour hot oil over her face?? Like, are you out of your mind??? Useless jerk.

In normal circumstances, the man should feel guilty and protect his wife even more right? He should be feeling hatred towards his mistress instead! Afterall, one's a wife and another one is just a mistress.

"Mr Soo and Goh have got back together and he was in court to support her. " Reading this sentences makes me want to puke all over the man. Ewww. Support the woman who heartlessly disfigured your wife using such a painful method? Your wife did nothing wrong except suayingly being your wife.

2) The mistress
Why was she only punished a jail term of 3.5 years and fined $4,500???? That's a super light punishment! You ruined someone's life forever, and you only need to serve 3.5 years in jail? It's so not fair. I personally think she should be jailed 20 years. So that by the time she comes out she is 50+ already.

3) The wife
I pity the wife. I feel that no matter how bad a person is (giving the benefit of the doubt that she wasn't a good wife thus the man went astray), one should not have to go through the horror of having hot oil burning the face and being disfigured. It's really a tragedy. I can't even think about how much pain she went through :(

it's such a complicated and miserable world out there.

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