Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I changed my mind. I'm gonna give out the angela chang tickets all in this entry instead of one per day. Haha. Say yay. (scroll to end of entry if you are interested)

Gotta love my new netbook's battery life. Im so used to having my battery drop 25% within 15 minutes that im so surprised that my new HP Mini only dropped 9%! (anyway my percentage is agar-agar one, not accurate one. haha)

Ooops, I havent took any pics of it yet. Forgot!

Anyway, i was eating breakfast with SX in the morning as usual when he suddenly say he needs to go to the washroom. After awhile, he asked me to go downstairs, and there he was, waiting for me, half body behind a mcdonalds big signboard. I then realised that he sure is got surprise one.

He remembered that i always go gaga over carebears in shops.

Hugged the bear around town that day. So paisei. But it was so comfortable when we watched a movie later on! Like bring pillow out lydat.

Watched PokerKing. I love hongkong movies.

I counted and realise i have 25 soft toys on my bed, including 2 which are super extra large. I think they take up around half the bed lor! No wonder i always no place to roll around when i sleep at night. To counter this, sometimes i hug a couple of bears, sometimes i push some off my bed, and some i lie on top of them. Lol.

A mail arrived at my home a week back. Sally Hansen Nail Polish! They sent me some to try out :)

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They are getting more stuffs from Taiwan and Korea in the next few collections. (:
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Now for the

Angela chang tickets giveaway!

one of the perks reading my blog regularly =P

End this year with a bang! Angela chang would be giving an amazing performance in Singapore to celebrate the launch of Sony Ericsson's highly anticipated Satio™, Aino™ and Yari™ mobile phones!

Angela Chang’s 5th Season Showcase 张韶涵 第五季音乐会
Starhub customers who purchase a SatioTM from October 24 will get a pair of tickets to the exclusive Angela Chang’s 5th Season Showcase at The Max Pavilion on November 21. Starhub customers who purchase an AinoTM or Yari™ will get the latest Angela Chang’s CD album.

Don’t miss out.
*While tickets last. Terms & conditions apply.
* * *


You just have to do ONE of the following options:

1) Choose one of Angela Chang's song and sing a verse on video ( dont have to show your face. just point your webcam on a wall also can), and upload to youtube. Send me the URL link.

2)Send me a picture of you with mysecretrose's products/receipt.

3)Write a short story (in chinese) using at least 10 of angela's song titles, and include the words Starhub and Iceangel. No minimum words.

4) Take a picture of you, posing like one of angela's cover. Photoshop is allowed. If the end result is similar to the real one, most likely you will get the tickets.

5) Put a mysecretrose banner on your blog and write a short entry with the blogshop link (add that mysecretrose is now at bestofblogshops fareast #04-145 ).

Email your entries to,
subject title: AngelaChang Tickets,
with your name, age and contact number.

Winners will be notified via email and sms.

Some are easy to do, some are difficult. But then again, the creative ones get to win the tickets :)

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