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Friday, November 6, 2009


with BY2's performance videos!

Was invited, and Shuana came along with me :)
*actually she is kena cheated to go with me one. lol.

After a talk, the fashion show starts! Shoewear for the active and bright.

Such adorable kids aren't they?

Skechers donates to children charity.

Guess who are wearing cross-coloured shoes?



Wo Zhi Dao.

Chitchated at starbucks :)

I told shuana she look better when she dont smile so she gave me this look. Haha.

Anyway, my blogshop MYSECRETROSE is getting a space at BEST OF BLOGSHOPS FAREAST, LEVEL 4, near the escalator and current branch. It's opening tomorrow, so drop by and support my lovely pieces alright? Thanks!! Please help me spread the word if possible.

Loves ♥

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