Wednesday, February 11, 2009

As you all can see, im now back to my straight hair!

It was sponsored by Milly after i complained that i dont suit those small curls. Heh. I chose the longest one, which is long beyond my waist!

There is now a promotion going on. Just save these coupons as pictures on your computer and print out! Present the coupons to get the promotion :) valid only till 31st march!

Although i've not done eyelash extensions before, but some of my friends have went forward to try it and it is indeed a great alternative to fake lashes if you are a lazy bum!

And regarding hair extensions, i've no complains about it. It must be the greatest invention in the world :D Some people just can't have short hair. For example, me! If i have short hair i'll look twice as chubby as i already am. Hair really makes up your overall appearance!

Go to for more information.

Milly's Hair Lashes Nails
Far East Plaza
#03-129 & #02-83
For appointment call, 8383 5395

CNY day 1, 2 and 3!

Eating bakkwa is the thing i love most about CNY :)

Steamboat! Ate abalone only for the sake of eating abalone. I still dont appreciate the goodness behind it. To me, it is like a piece of sotong with a weird taste.

Went over to downtown east and played at the arcade. Promotion going on, top up $28 and get $56 value. Superb!

Escape theme park on day 2.
No fun. Because pirate ship is closed :(

Super sunny day.

Won 4 soft toys! But i lost one dolphin! =( So sad lor!

Went over to the arcade and we wont around 500 tokens!! Actually it was only 300 but then we tried our luck and played 2-3 times again, and on the last try, we won jackpot! Lucky right :D I won jackpot like thrice that night.

Exchanged for all these little goodies. So expensive lor! Spent so much on arcade to get back these cheap cheap things. Bluff kids one!

Back to the chalet room to have BBQ!

The little naughty ones.

The cutest.

Swimming! Actually just soaking in water. haha, i can't swim. My mum and dad was like "omigosh, my daughters are wearing bikinis!! "...

Watched the wedding game on Day3.
Was attracted by the trailers and storyline. Love HeiRen in the show!!

But in the end after i watched Love Matters, I like Love Matters more. Guess it's because Love Matters got more story while The Wedding Game has a more predictable flow.

Day7 , yusheng with colleagues!!

Ending off with a random picture :)

I've been feeling depressed these few days. A totally opposite mood from the previous week, when i was happy and contented everyday. Hope it's just PMS and go away soon. I've been behaving like a nuisance because of my grumbles and pessimistic thoughts. Sigh.

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