Monday, February 23, 2009

Was given "He's Just Not That Into You" movie tickets and i watched the preview afew days ago. Love the show. It doesn't have a very exciting storyline nor climax but i loved how everything made sense in the movie. It's like a movie explaining all the little "whys". Go watch! I think it's rather interesting :)

Valentines Day.
After two years of celebrating Valentines Day attached, this time i was single.

Plans was supposed to be themepark, ktv, and dinner, but it ended up being dinner, ktv, and arcade :) Didn't take much pictures but it turned out great :) Somehow when you have less expectations, everything turned out better than expected. My date (who usually piss me off all the time), was especially kind to me that day. Haha. For example, he doesn't like what im wearing, but instead of saying "you wear until very ugly leh".. he changed it into "the dress is ugly but you look gorgeous in it!" (in a very sarcastic way -.- ) LOL. Actually i dont really remember exactly what happened and what we did luh. But i concluded that it was a fun day. Especially at the arcade. He managed to grab this softtoy for me from the machine. Our next attempt at getting an eeyore bolster failed and we ended up wasting alot of money :(

Other gifts. I used to think that receiving flowers on valentines day is very romantic. However, when they come from guys who i have no interest in, it serves no meaning to me.

A siaocharbor in the middle of the road. Lol. (badly photoshopped arms! Look so funny, where got people's arm like that one. Haha.)

Okay luh, i'll update again some other time. Got alot alot alot things to blog about but im very very very busy :(

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