Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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I know im blogging very little nowsaday, so im going to share this very interesting website with you guys :) It is actually a blog of two young people and their close friends. I've read the entries and think that they are interesting! The entries are deep from their heart, unlike the usual meaningless ones i write. Follow the story of Jesse and Trey, share in their ups and downs, and get involved in their decisions.

Let me introduce the characters first.

JESSE: I find her fun loving, and totally understand why Trey is in love with her. A common plain girl, but different in a way.


He is the kind of man who like to be different from everyone else. He strays away from music and movies that everyone loves. I like his entries.

They have a friend called Eleanor, and i think she is very pretty!! Her character is the very typical open-minded social butterfly.

Left one:

Just reading their entries makes me want to quickly wake up the next morning to read their next entries!

There's an ongoing contest that you might want to join :)

Every story needs an end. You get to decide this one.

Come up with the best ending for their story and win $500.

• Contest starts from 28th February ’09 and ends on 7th March ’09.

• Entries will be judged on creativity, relevance to theme of HIV & its impact.

• Contest entries submitted will be vetted and links to your entries will be posted up on until the winning entry has been selected.

• Winner's blog entry will be featured on on 8 Mar 09.

Cash Prizes:

1st Prize: $500, 2nd Prize: $300, 3rd Prize: $200

The entries must adhere to the following guidelines:

• No stigmatization of people infected with HIV

• No R-rated content

• No malicious entries (this includes no ethnic sensitive entries and derogatory ones e.g. those that lash out at organisations & individuals, especially those who are well known and homosexuals)

• Submission must be made from Trey’s or Jesse's Point Of View i.e. as if they are blogging (the blogs, however, can include new characters.)

Steps to participate

1) Write a blog post in your blog with the title “My NotSoSecretLives ending”, with an entry of your best ending to their story (Ending on 28 Feb with a cliff hanger).

2) Sign off with “Get involved with Jesse and Trey today @”

3) Send in your permalink to with your full name and contact details.

Note: Entries submitted before 28th February ’09 will be considered void.


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