Friday, February 6, 2009

By publishing this entry, i am aware that i'll be getting many negative views and comments and more haters after this. Afterall, cheating is never a good thing.

I didnt feel the need to announce my misdeeds to the world, but people on kelvin's side think that i should be fair to kelvin by clarifying the fact that in the 14 months relationship i had with kelvin, i had been unfaithful twice.

Into the 6th month of our relationship, kelvin's feelings for me was going bland, and i admit, even myself was starting to become more interested in other guys who were throwing more attention on me. I have the tendency to stray when i feel neglected by my boyfriends ( that's not a valid excuse i know). I started dating another guy from my workplace. What was more cruel was that i didn't date the 3rd party behind his back. I was very open about it to him, and i guess being truthful to him was more hurtful than keeping him in the dark. He was very heartbroken about it and when i saw his persistence in chasing me back, i dumped the 3rd party.

All was well until the 8th month, when i got to know another guy during a party. (coincidentally, our relationship was rather rocky at that time as well). I developed feelings for the other guy and told kelvin about it. Of course he was very upset about it. However, he forgave me and waited for me. (ya i know, such a great and forgiving bf where else can find right?!!!)

I accept the fact that i dont deserve his love and tolerance at all. For that, i apologise.

Im not saying that i think cheating is okay. Even when i was doing it i felt guilt yet i didn't know how to undo the situation i landed myself into. Maybe all of you will look down on me after this entry, but I was probably immature and selfish when i handled that situation afew months ago. I was never intelligent when it comes to affairs of the heart.

i apologise for my wrongdoings.
and i hope i'll never do it again.

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