Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I feel damn grossed out.
I feel damn guilty.
I feel like vomiting.
I feel like crying.

I just came back home.
I stepped in, put down my laptop bag on the floor, then replaced it again putting it properly. Then i realised i just smashed a lizard. And that lizard is now wriggling, with probably half its bones broken.

The picture of the lizard, flattened at the middle by my (very heavy) laptop bag is still floating in my head and it makes me feel damn bad. I hate lizards, but i dont like killing insects unless i have to. I usually chase them away by spraying insecticides near them so that they go in the other direction but i wouldn't spray directly on them cos i can't bear to see insects struggling.

OMG. I think i'll have lizards nightmare tonight.

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