Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Wrapping up 2017 Q2 Q3 Q4

I'm reluctant for 2017 to go, because it is probably one of the best years I had in recent times.

2017 was FANTASTIC.

As you can probably tell by my lack of update, I have been super busy this year.

Highlights would probably be,
- Getting Married
- Honeymoon in Europe
- Maldives surprise trip
- New Job
- Getting the keys to our new home!

Besides Europe and Maldives, we also made several short trips to neighboring countries in Asia as well~ Hong Kong, Hokkaido, Malaysia Genting and Tioman. My travel backlog is piling up so much that I've decided to post everything else that is non-travel related in this single blog post.

For my convenience, I shall be really random with this! No time to sequence the photos. Haha.

So we got married in March, and our wedding was featured on Blissful Brides magazine!

We had two night stay in a suite at Marriott Hotel right after our wedding and it was damn shiok!

Look at the amazing view of Orchard Road!

Ordered room service for dinner!

We went to JB for lunch together with Alvin and his gf!

Was bridesmaid for Jacelyn and we had a bachelorette party for her before the wedding.

She was to complete at least 50 points that night!

We had dinner followed by super fun KTV session!

Then the big day came!!

Another wedding was my brother-in-law's.

Mookata! I think this was with my family. I think. Hahaha. This is what happens when you only take photo of the food and not the people.

At Tunglok Seafood for dad's bday celebration!

His favourite sashimi!

Not sure if I've posted this on the blog before. Just photos of me in my freshly dyed teal hair previously! It's been awhile since I last had special coloured hair!

Another mookata session with Fiona and Ruoxuan. This time we tried the tiered one, which has soup, cheese, steam, as well as grill. Taste wise it was kinda meh~

Hai Di Lao session.... I think is with the family. That girl in the photo looks like my sister but I can't be sure. Hahahaha.

Another steamboat session at Hai Di Lao! This one I remember, was with Alvin and his gf!

When the "container" eateries popped up in Punggol, we had a mini triple date with Fidelis, Jacelyn, and their husbands!

Catch up session with Jayden who I've not met since forever!

Also met up with Belinda for dinner and we went to Gudetama Cafe! We were like two aunties going gaga over the cuteness of this egg creature!

Ordered this solely for the cuteness! It's a rice cracker dessert packaged like tamago sushi! How creative!

Went to Fidel's cozy home for a cooking session together with Nad and Jacelyn!

Tasked with slicing mushrooms for the seafood feast. "So this is what Ba Chor Mee aunties do all day!"

Yummy salmon, lobster, snow crab, prawns, oysters and scallops for our seafood feast, conveniently delivered by Fish Mart Online! Extremely juicy and fresh! It was a fun afternoon doing grocery shopping and preparing these yummy food. Can foresee we will do this more often as we live quite near each other. We baked the salmon with some vegetables, pan fried some scallops and had them with chilled lobsters, snow crabs, prawns, and oysters. Yum!

The girls made this dish from scratch! My only contribution was slicing the mushrooms. The rest just magically appeared. Hahahahah.

Rare nice selfies and I can't decide which one I like more between these three so I shall post all. Haha.

This is my outfit for grocery shopping and cooking session with the girls. 会不会有一点太 over hahaha. #heelssohighdontknowforwhat #offshoulderverychiobutcannotmove

Milly introduced us to Beauty In A Pot! The soup is damn good and I love the yuzu dessert. I think overall it tops Hai Di Lao for me! But the queue is always so long!

I loved it so much I brought my family back for another session.

Birthday dinner date with the husband at this place we randomly chose. Glad the food turned out delicious! Scallops w Bakkwa, Salted Egg Wings, and my favourite, Prawn Paste Pork Belly which was very tender and aromatic. Thumbs up! Ended our meal with Pandan Tiramisu but the highlight was definitely the popcorn.

Tim Ho Wan~ Which reminds me.... It's been awhile since I last went to 126! It's my favourite place for dimsum!

Went to visit Mai for her open house!

Back when we still work around the same area.... Now we are separated east central west!

Korean BBQ and durian night!! Sinful but damn shiok!

Rainbow cake~

天黑以后 天亮之前 设法抹去心底那些疲倦

Always my fave ramen.

Was recommended to this steamboat place which has salted egg yolk lobster!

Another mahjong session with the guys!

I am very serious about Mahjong okay.... Check out my Huat Earrings!

Another yummy omakase session! Best part is definitely being spoon fed by our cute eye candy hehe. Looking forward to 8/8 attendance for our next dinner!

Oh and this weird thing.... Looked like monster claws! Never seen anything like this before.

Girls day out with Mum and Sis to Sentosa.

My first ever nice "candid". Haha.

Random OOTD. I haven't been taking much outfit photos recently!

Another random dinner.

Met up with Fiona for dinner and KTV the other night! Can't believe it's been 15 years!!

Sushi before new year countdown.

Was expecting to go somewhere more exciting but ended up in a pub.

So eh... my countdown was quite chill. Haha.

We went to visit Prudential Marina Bay Carnival!!!

It is actually quite fun leh. I love carnival games.

Managed to win something back!

My cute cousins!!

Played some of the rides as well including the Mach 5, which goes up to 55 metres high!

Cozy dinner and mahjong session at Jace’s place with our boys! Love the pink mahjong tiles!! Lets do another session again full attendance!

Jace cooked Korean food to host us... Her first time and it's a success already. She is definitely talented lah!

BBQ night.

Recent meet up with Fiona and Ruoxuan!

With my super cute cousin~

When u need to escape for a little while.

Met up with Amber for Jpot lunch! Was good catching up. Time to meet up the rest too!

Steamboat night at Milly's new home with Nadia! Learnt a new board game called Catans. Super fun! Love simple nights like this :)

Impromptu lazy night session at Jacelyn's place with Nad!

The husband brought me to The Westin for Christmas Even lunch with a nice view!

Annual Christmas dinner with the family.

The night we all got fancy for gala.

Late night Hai Di Lao is love!!!!

Shabu session with Clare again. It's always jap with her.

Yummy yong tau foo, 8 hours mahjong and drinks at switch afterwards ~

Dinner with Jacelyn and Fidelis while watching Leon perform live at this super ulu mookata place! Amazing how the place is still so packed when its location is so out of the way.

Random friday night.

Can't believe I allowed myself to splurge on this. I remember wondering who would pay so much for a single highlighter pan and look at me now. But it is indeed worth it!! Luckily I managed to guilt-trip Clare into letting me use her 10% discount hahaha.

Stayed over at Grand Copthorne Hotel!

With mum and sis!

Shabu Shabu with this girl.... Her life is full of drama, can make into story book! Realize that one of her toxic friends was an acquaintance I used to know! World is small.

One of those leisure mornings when we went to grab breakfast at Mcdonalds.

Lunch with Ben and Isaac near my office!

Went crazy purchasing lippies from Colourpop. New shades + Backup for my faves!

Dinner at Ritz Carlton with these girls.... Nothing beats a good conversation with good friends over good food.

Ruoxuan brought us to this place called Fresh Fruit Labs... It's quite a nice cafe with yummy food.

The red velvet cake was delicious!

Attended the full month party for Elric over the weekend! Congratulations Elaine Woo! Lots of love from all of us!

Overall 2017 has been really good to me. Hello 2018, please be nice!

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