Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Melbourne Day 3-4

Took the chance to travel out of Melbourne CBD on Day 3 and 4, before S returns back to SG. We spent an entire day on Great Ocean Road and another day at Werribee Open Range Zoo, which was a significantly shorter drive.

Started the day with McDonald's breakfast!

And because the parking in Melbourne is very expensive and we wanted to offset the parking fee, we bought these huge macarons to qualify for the free parking promo hahaha. Better to pay for expensive macarons than expensive parking!

Visited Princes Pier for some photos since it was on the way. Nothing much actually.

Arrived at Werribee Open Range Zoo! We wanted to visit this place because we thought it'd be a different experience from our local zoos where most animals are in enclosures.

Surprisingly, the zoo is quite empty... I thought all zoos are crowded with families like our own.

On the safari tram where we get to see some animals that are allowed to roam freely around the area.

We had most fun at the lion's den!

This lion kept posing so near us!

The photo above look so real right! Actually got glass in between us and the lion lah... I edited the lines away.

Managed to see some Kangeroos! Was difficult to find them because they were hiding in tall grasses.

On the way back we dropped by Red Rooster again for their super yummy drumlets!

Overall the zoo was a little disappointing because it wasn't as open-range as we though.

We wanted Asian food for dinner and S asked his airbnb hosts for some recommendations and Lee Ho Fook sounded interesting! The entrance is located at a back alley - lots of character, just like the restaurant itself!

I kinda like the concept....a hip mix of both western and asian style. Something that I've yet to experience before.

If you are looking for the authentic zichar flavour, look elsewhere. Otherwise I'd still give it a good rating cos the food was quite delicious actually.

We wanted rice but normal jasmine rice is $5! We realize that plain rice is quite expensive in Melbourne! So we ordered fried rice at $10. More worth it haha.

11-15 Duckboard Place
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

That's all for Day 3 and 4!

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