Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Staying at Ritz

This is a photo entry of my stay at Ritz Carlton! I didn't bring my camera along so all the photos in this entry were taken with the iPhone. Sorry for the poor quality!

A much needed coffee to keep me awake for the hectic weekend.

I just had to show off the hotel bathroom to you all. Love the huge window! The first time I came to Ritz 2 years back, I was won over by the spacious bathroom. Pity I didn't take any full view of the bathroom. Also, I didn't have the chance to use the bathtub :( But nevermind, the shower room had transparent glass wall so technically, I also did bath with a view. Haha.

Living area with marina skyline.

For dinner we had seafood among many other delicacies! Most of them preferred chilli crab but I like the black pepper version. My top choice is always white pepper though, but we didn't have it that day.

My Hello Kitty plushie on my bed! So cute ^_^ Forever nomming on her strawberry one.

I super love the bed and pillow at Ritz Carlton. They were damn good until I felt kinda sad thinking about going back to my own bed at home after the stay haha.

Wore a dress from! It's part of their office wear collection. New arrivals came last week and plenty of office wear dresses for you to choose from!

Full view:
The flare part makes the waist look slimmer!

Love our flora breakfast setting the next day.

What do you usually take first when having international breakfast buffets? For me, I always zoom straight to American breakfast, and then Chinese, and then the other stuff.

Messy room! Haha. If you love being tidy you can't stay in the same room as me.

Dress is also from Photo is very grainy.

Had Korean food at Clarke Quay for supper. The fried chicken there was superb!

Breakfast again the next day... So many spreads to choose from...

What's your favorite spread? I love bread and butter.

Didn't took many photos the last day. Went to Changi Airport for lunch!

Dress from

This explains my absence last week!

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