Thursday, August 30, 2012


Went to Comex today to search for a new camera but went home empty handed as I did not find anything significantly better than what I am currently having. A few staff kept recommending the ones with wireless/GPS ones, but I am not really looking for one with these features. Such features are useless if it doesn't even serve the basics well. Just finding a good one that does the main job well is difficult enough...

Looking for a new camera that is...
- Tough enough to withstand being dropped on the floor many times
- Crisp clear images
- Anti-motion blur
- Background blur
- Fast shutter speed even under low lighting & no lag
- Focus and ungrainy even under low lighting
- Built in flash
- Lightweight, non-bulky
- Good zoom

Any recommendations? My current Olympus Ep-1 ticks all of the above except the last 4 points. Actually, I really love my current camera so much that I could even forgive it for being a tad too heavy and bulky at times. It is works perfectly well in bright places with sunlight, but I do not like that it's very yellowish and grainy under low lighting. Also, even with flash on, it can't focus in dark places.

So anyway, it was quite late by the time we decided to not buy any for the time being. Went to Marina Square hoping to find a place to eat. Saw that "Jia Xiang Mian" was still open but I said I didn't want to eat there as I've eaten there before already. So we went one big round and every single store rejected us with "sorry last order is closed already" -_______-

In the end, we had no more choice and went back to "Jia Xiang Mian". Finally, one store that says "Welcome~~~" Haha.

Actually "Jia Xiang Mian" is not bad!

Outfit of the day:

Dress is from OTMILL.COM // Check out the embroidered collar!

At, there are new arrivals every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Here are some pretty pieces from which caught my eye. Don't you love them?

I love the shopping experience at as the page is very neat and clean. Navigation is easy and the model is cute! On top of these superficial points, has great customer service and ships out your orders the next working day. Yay to fast processing! There is also free normal shipping for a limited period of time. Check out to find out more and also add yourself to the mailing list! Also check out their facebook page ( for monthly giveaways ^_^ Ah, wonderful!

Not forgetting, you may also quote "ESTHER10" to enjoy 10% off online purchase!

By the way, if you like the wedges I wore in this entry, do come back here tomorrow as I will be blogging more photos of this gorgeous pair and where to get them!


  1. Nikon's J1's not bad! It already has a built-in flash & produces decent pictures even at night :)

  2. Try canon s100 or Panasonic lx7. Canon tends to have warm undertones but it's quite small to bring daily. Lx7 would be good if you wanna use manual function and still have a retro look,mbut a tad bigger than S100.