Monday, August 20, 2012

KTV with Fiona


So, I've been leaving my schedule kinda blank recently except for weekends because work has been busy and sometimes I need to OT. So, it's better not to plan anything as it's not nice to cancel meetups/events!

Luckily I went out quite a lot the previous couple of months so I still have backlog to blog about. Hurray!

Went for a 2-hour singing session at Partyworld with Fiona after much pestering from her. Kena pestered by her not because she really wants to hear me sing. Kena pestered because I agreed to buy the $10 deal coupon for this singing session yet I couldn't find time to sing with her. Haha. So anyway, 2 hours is not enough!! Still got songs left on the waiting list when we got cut off!

Had Soyea at Downtown East again after the singing session. Check out Fiona's over-sized handphone cover.

I wore this! Top is from (Many new top updates!) and those cute polka dot shorts are from Smitten at! Smitten really have a lot of nice summery designs which I love.


  1. Do you photoshop your photos?

  2. hihi do you happen to know where did your gf got the hp cover? thanks in advance!