Friday, August 10, 2012

I love Sundays

Mum wanted to do pedicure last Sunday so I brought her to Far East Plaza! But first, lunch at the chicken rice stall at Level 5! ^_^

The rice is only so-so, but I absolutely love the tender soft chicken and the 'soy sauce'.

Had some things on after that so left her at the salon.

Photos of my outfit that day:

Just a very casual and comfy heart top is from SMITTEN at JIPABAN.COM! Perfectly lovely for a bright Sunny Sunday!

I feel very happy whenever the weekends come, especially because work has been a heavy load in recent weeks. Can't wait to have an holiday!

By the way, at the start of the year I actually wished for more travelling opportunities. And indeed, I've been offered plenty travelling opportunities this year but mostly I can't attend due to conflict of schedule or some other reason!!!! Aiya, I wished for the wrong thing. Shouldn't have said "More travelling OPPORTUNITIES".... Should have omitted the word "Opportunities"! End up now I got "Travelling Opportunities" but no "Travelling"!

Tsk! The importance of using the right words when making a wish. Haha.

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