Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello Daisy

Hi all!!

I just came home after being away for work the past few days! Had only 2 hours of sleep last night and so the first thing I did upon reaching home was to catch up on sleep. After the long nap I'm now wide awake and I wonder how I am going to fall asleep tonight lol.

I usually blog quite regularly so I felt really uncomfortable that this blog was not updated for quite some days! I had actually planned to schedule posts but I've been so caught up with work that I couldn't make it in time.

Another project is coming up soon so I guess my work schedule will still continue being packed. Usually I try to fix some plans for weekends so that I have something to look forward to throughout the week!

Last weekend was a simple one. I had lunch at Clover, a nice, quiet cafe near Farrer Park area.

Flowers decorated the table.

I quite like the mushroom soup as it had chunky bits in it but it got cold quickly because of the huge surface area and shallow depth.

Ordered wings but I think I'd pass on it if I dine here again. It was only so-so. I've tasted much better ones even from those normal western stall in coffee shops.

I like the sauce for the mushroom chicken chop I had.

The fish was also good! It went well with the black pepper sauce too.

Went to Ang Mo Kio to buy some playstation games and decided to try bubble tea from this store "agantea" as I've been seeing its branches sprouting up everywhere recently.

Was too milky at first but it tasted not bad after that! The 'pearls' were also different... it felt like brown sugar sago...

Caught the movie "Greedy Ghost" after that. Didn't have much expectations for it due to poor reviews on magazines but it was not too bad! Quite funny and interesting. At least it had a proper storyline.

And my weekend outfit is Hello Daisy Crop top from DKMLshop! Casual yet sunshiney, great for the much-loved Sundays! The material is light and soft, plus I love the little floral print that pushes up the cute factor! And don't you fancy the black crochet lace collar?

In DKMLshop's debut collection, they also have many other pretty colored clothings that will brighten up your days. Check them out!


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  1. what kind of work are you doing? you seem very occupied with your work!!