Friday, August 31, 2012

Walk a day in my shoes

So in yesterday's entry I said that I would blog about those lovely wedges today.

I am actually very sleepy and I just had a 30 minute night nap before coming back to my computer to finish up this entry.

I'm so happy it's Friday!!! ^_^ Tomorrow I will be lazing around at home the whole day, giving myself my much awaited rest. Will also be sorting out all my backlog photos and schedule entries for the next couple of weeks!

Recap of yesterday's outfit:
(Dress from

The wedges, from!
Don't you love the color?! It comes in 4 different colors and I was actually also very attracted to the blue one. But in the end I got the green shade as I have more green dresses to go along with, and I really love this shade of green.

It's only $32 by the way. Direct link:

The day before, I watched the movie premiere of TED with Fiona. Thanks to Nuffnang and Churpchurp for the tickets! The movie was awesome and really funny. The dialogue and narration were full of humor. Should go watch!

(Top from - New arrivals feature officewear. Have a look! )

This pair of shoes also from! I have fallen in love with this design for quite some time already, when I saw it on other girls but it was mostly sold out at other stores.

Despite the height (which is totally the best part I like about this pair), it is very comfy! The platform is thick, thus I felt almost like I was walking on a flat surface! The cloth on top was very soft too, so there was no pressure on my feet.

Direct Link:

 Inserting a photo of my late kway chap dinner. Totally random I know. Just had to slot it somewhere lol.

If you love shoes like me, you'd definitely be overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices available at!

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