Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Red and White

Every public holiday is family day for us. We had planned to have dimsum for lunch on National Day and I was really looking forward to it.

The family is in Red and White to celebrate the nation's birthday! Ladies all in red and my dad was in white.

This one below is my favorite dish that day. It's crispy deep-fried beancurd skin with stuffings inside.

The charsiew bao and custard egg bao was only average. I wonder why the custard egg bao is not yellow?

Glutinous rice in lotus leaf. I like this!

We also ordered two bowls of congee. Century Egg congee and pork ball congee.

Did not really like the steamed beancurd skin rolls.

Yummy fried prawn dumplings! The dishes mostly came in threes instead of fours :(

A must-order for every dimsum meal, steamed ribs. But then the meat is always very little!

I usually like hargao more than siewmai but the siewmai that day was very good!

Went over to Nex afterwards to shop around. Full photo of my dress:

The dress is from

Also had Shihlin chicken cutlet and Jollibean soya bean milk for tea break! Haha. I'm very happy that Shihlin opened a branch at the mrt station near my home!

End abruptly here. Haha. Bye!


  1. Hahahaha omg because of the EXO fandom I can NEVER think of bao (or baozi) as food ever again xD hahahahahaha! /dies

  2. Where did your family went for dimsum? Looks good! :)