Monday, August 13, 2012

The Tiramisu Hero

I was reading Peggy Chang's blog one day and found out that she recently launched The Tiramisu Hero. Decided to give 'MommaHero' a try! I was especially attracted by the lovely packaging!

It's a refreshing dessert for hot days! I like the strong fragrance of espresso as well. Plus, you can customize the wetness and sweetness accordingly.

Everything is Tiramisu but presented differently! For example, cupcake style, in a cup, as a cake, or like the above!

Photos from their web:

I also received this personalized message with my Tiramisu. ^_^

I think they're great as gifts!

So anyway, I went to do my nails at Milly's during the weekend. Sad to say goodbye to the previous pretty design but my nail broke so I had to remove it :(

Changed to plain gelish nails. Love the color :)

Jacket is from