Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Outfit of the day:

Love this Fercia Chiffon Blue Top from MaryJulian / It looks seemingly simple at the front but it's beautifully layered at the back. MaryJulian is owned by Jade Seah, and I've read that she's very particular about quality and standard. Indeed, the designs featured at the store are nothing less than beautiful and unique.

Wore the top to Colbar, situated at the very ulu 9A Whitchurch Road. I have seen photos of it in bright daylight and found it quite interesting and different from the restaurants we have in Singapore. I headed down quite late and don't have many nice photos to show you all as it was dark.

It was a expat-dominated hangout and the experience was quite charismatic in it's own way. It felt like I time-traveled to the past, to olden Singapore - British Colonial days. The place felt... historical.

Look at those old photos on the wall!

We chose outdoor seating as the whole place was not air-conditioned and since the fans were not switched on, it might be too stuffy in indoors.

The place was this empty when we sat down, but soon after it was full again. Almost closing time when we ordered our food but there were still diners coming in. Many of the patrons had dogs with them. They were probably residents in the nearby landed houses.

I ordered the Roasted Chicken Chips & Mushroom ($10). Ordered sunny side up to go with it! Nothing fantastic, but it was good enough!

This dish below is Chicken Merryland ($14). Curry chicken cutlet, Tomato, Baked beans, Chips, Bacon, Egg, Fried Banana.

Ordered Fried Banana with Honey for dessert. IT WAS GOOD. Actually, it's like Goreng Pisang, but slightly different. I loved the texture inside, especially yums when eaten piping hot!

Would love to come back here again one day ^_^


  1. i love the colbar! i spent the first few years of my life hanging around the area (i grew up on whitchurch road).

    next time you're there, you definitely need to try the curries :)