Monday, August 6, 2012

Attempting Tigress Style

And so, last weekend I tried a style that is so not my style. LOVEIEN19 sponsored this set of outfit.

I've attempted such 'cool' look multiple times and I fail terribly each time because I'm just not a cool person. I think I'm so much more suitable for the summery happy look!

This is the nearest I can get to 'cool', which is to try smiling less happily. Haha. There was once I was doing a photoshoot which required me to act cool, the photographer ended up telling me repeatedly not to smile when actually I wasn't even smiling at all!

I paired it with these accessories.

My pastel colored nails aren't helping to UP the cool factor at all. Lol.

What's that behind my ear?

It's a "hair clip" with chain leading to some beige feathers. I think it'd look good if clipped to a high ponytail.

I paired the tigress top with this pair of tights, but it actually comes with a light brown skirt that is quite cute too.

Photo with my sis:

You can dress up like this too!

The accessories and the top are all from LOVEIEN19! I saw plenty of other cool clothes featured too. Here are some:

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Their accessories and bags are available at MIYOC, Orchard Centre #05-12 and apparels are available at MIYOC, Jcube #04-14.

If not, you can check out the latest new collection online at:!

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  1. The black intertwined bracelet is so badass! And I love the tiger shirt! >: D you look amazing as always..

  2. i was kinda stunned for a while but you really looked good in that way you dressed! :)