Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fiona's Birthday Dinner

Just a short update.

Met up for Fiona's belated birthday dinner. It's always fun to meet these girls because we always have so much to chat about and so much to laugh about. Unfortunately we are all busy girls and it's always difficult to find a time to meet, unlike those days in polytechnic and university when we were forced to see each other whenever there are classes! Haha. It's such a wonder why we can't meet up more often when we live in the same town, just that Fiona is at the other side of the town. And, Maisarah lives just a 3 minute walk away from my house!

Ate at Pastamania and it was a horrid dinner! My aglio olio was bland :(

Photo with Maisarah.

Went to Daiso afterwards and went crazy sweeping pink things off the shelf there. So happy that Daiso opened a branch at Tampines! It's just one MRT stop away ^_^ So convenient now, no need to travel so far whenever I need stuff. Love Daiso because their items are all so cute and pretty~ And, $2 only!

Wore a simple floral dress from to the dinner. Lashes from