Wednesday, June 21, 2006

im going shopping with fiona and huimin on this friday.
okay. for me its window shopping . cos im currently bankrupt after buying daddy a huge father day's present.
the problem with going shopping with them is that...
most of my clothes are too mature-kind already.
and its inappropriate to wear mature-clothes with two girls who are going to wear really NICE STREETSTYLE clothes !!~
i love streetstyle clothes but my wardrobe doesnt have streetstyle clothes .

reason 1 : i became too fat for those tiny clothes, so they have been passed down to my happy sister -.-
reason 2 : recently i seldom buy streetstyle clothes becos i couldnt find non-sleeveless streetstyle clothes.
reason 3 : no money. cos i spent all my money on accessories.

so most of the reason is becos.. i grew fat .
and im already trying to diet already.
i noe i cannot exercise cos i will give up after 7 minutes.
im eating maggi-mee for lunch.
im tempted to drink all the soup.
should i ?
will i get fat ??
awwww ...
im getting paranoid and its FOOD's fault .

i dun feel like going shopping with them on friday already ..
unless i find one nice clothes to wear with them !~
and i doubt i will.
grrrrrr .
if only my arms arent that flabby ..
if only my legs are slender and long .
if only .....

from today onwards, dun tempt me with food . if you do, i will kill you .

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