Monday, June 19, 2006


wheets !!~
second day :) THEME PARK day !!

( most of the rides we only took videos and no digital cam pictures )

We sat on these rides :

Outdoor :

Thrill rides:
-Super Toboggan (one minute speed down the hill)
-Corkscrew (turns-you-upside-down ride)
-Bumper Boat (water splashing bumping)
-Flying Dragon ( fast and swerving ride )
-Spinner (swing you round and round high up )

Signature Attractions:
-Flying Coaster
(Asia's first hang-gliding roller coaster. Swoop , twist and zoom round, turns and drops! )

i love this ride the most. but have to pay extra though . no wonder so little people play -.-

i pestered daddy to upload our flying coaster's video clip :)

-Teacup (round and round and round )
-Astro Fighter (sit on the little aeroplane and go merry-go-round!)
-Flying Jumbo (elephant merry-go-round)

-Pirate Train (supposed to be scary but its NOT )
-Boating (daddy's favourite)
-Mini Train (slow train -.-) we walked past dinosaur land and we realised that DINOSAURS DO KISS !!
lots of things we didnt play. either its closed, queue too long , or too boring . hahas

i want hug also !!!~Indoor:

Thrill rides:
- Euro Express (speed at the top of indoor theme park!)
- Adult bumper car ( Me, joanne and Papa chosed pink bumper cars! )
- 4D motion master

i love this one ! you sit inside something like a cinema, den wear a kind of
spectacles so that when you see the screen, its like 3D. the only thing that is
different from 3D movies is that this 4D motion master has the 'feelings effect' too !
when inside the screen water splash on you, you will also feel the water
splashing on you. when the dragon hisses at you, you will feel the air hissing
on your face. when bats fly towards you, you will feel your legs swarmed by bats
!~ when you see skeleton-heads rolling towards you, you will also feel the heads
around rushing pass your legs ! a very new experience. hahaa . i heard that
Singapore Science Centre also recently opened a 4D theatre. you all can go there
try the 4D movies !

Family rides:
- Rio Float (hang on top of indoor theme park and ride around slowing inside a beautiful swan ! )
- Reindeer Cruiser (slow ride with the top view of indoor theme park)
the attendant of this ride is a quite-cute guy !!~ =) and he smiled at me after i got out from the ride!!! x) wohoho ~
i would ride this ride continuously if only the ride wasnt so boring .... =X

-archery (daddy played 10 arrows and 3 landed on the floor -.- )

omg. these pictures look so olden :

the cold weather made my mouth swollen and red !! arghhh ~We bought bubblegums everyday
we ate cup noodles using .....

PEN !!! =x cos we couldnt find any fork .TIME TO SLEEP !!


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