Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i admit that im an emotional person (sometimes).
listening/reading/watching other's sad stories would result in me splashing tears.
justnow i read PostSecret.
(dun bother going in to read the postcards cos they change every week. if you read this one week late, the post im referring to might be gone already )
this week's theme was about FATHERS.
people send in their postcards and write about anything they feel or want to tell their fathers.

after reading afew of the postcards, tears were already forming in my eyes.
it seems that many people:
(1) regret not fufilling something before their father died.
(2) love but hate their fathers
(3) idolise their fathers
(4) think that their fathers hate them and they are constantly reprimanding themselves

Fathers day just passed by 3 days ago.
do you ever celebrate father's day with your father?
this year me and sis put all our money together and bought dad a new wallet, becos we noticed that his wallet is tattered and torn.
and i know he wont bother buying a new wallet himself -.-
so after wrapping it and pasting it together with a little note, we put it inside the mailbox before we went shopping.
when dad came home, he opened the mailbox and found the little present.
although the present came late, but i know that he likes it becos he immediately transfer all his things from the old wallet to the new wallet, even when he is already late (to meet us at toapayoh)..
actually, i forgot about Father's Day until Father's Day came, and mum reminded me.

im glad i have a father that
(1) is not a alcoholic
(2) doesnt like gambling
(3) doesnt smoke
(4) isnt interested in worldcup
(5) loves eating
(6) loves going shopping with family
(7) will help us tell lies to mummy :)
(8) is lame
(9) doesnt disagree with me when i tell him that im pretty =X
(10) buys me sweets

and although i dunlike him being impatient, badtempered, slow and naggy,
i think that im lucky to have a father like him.

p.s. i dun think that im pretty. i tell my dad that im pretty just to piss him :)

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