Monday, June 19, 2006


wohohos. i never fail to look sleepy in the mornings =X

breakfast at firstworld cafe..

we took taxi went down to kuala lumpur.
(malaysia's taxi fare is not counted by meter der. is before go inside the taxi, you negotiate with the driver how much the fare will be , if you satisfied den you go in )
we went to search for the famous porridge. we love that porridge ! and every time we go malaysia we also got go there eat der. BUT !! that day ,they offday :(
so we didnt get to eat the super-duper delicious porridge ...
awww :(
BUT !! we ate the equally delicious YongTauFoo ~
i love the soup . i love the soup . i love the soup .
yum yum yum !! hahas .
after that we shopped around the district and saw some ahbengs selling pirated dvds on the streets . i saw one of them with 'the Omen' dvd. i was tempted.
wohohos. but i didnt buy :)
im a good citizen .!!~ wakaka

when we were around the food street, suddenly i told papa:

me: i dunwant walk here lei. i want go to the can buy things street
leis..(shoes, clothes, blahblah)

Joanne: i dunwan. food street better.
Daddy: hahas . i got two daughters. One materialistic, one tam-jiak (food
kind of greedy)

Joanne: But the materialistic one fatter than the greedy
Me: -.- grrrrrr

no pictures taken there, cos we mostly videoed.

then we went to MidValley MegaMall..
MEGA mall ??
BEST in kuala Lumpur ??
:( no . its not .
it is super boring there.
its just MEGA quite big in size.
i think even Tampines Mall is more interesting than there.
hahas. bought some erm a little two things there .

daddy and mummy secretly took picture of our butts !!!!!!! hahas..
back to gentings ..~

i went to shop around and bought afew small gifts for fiona, huimin, suku and bel before returning to the hotel room :)
daddy is not a WorldCup fan :)
PIZZAHUT for dinner !
yummys ~
when we were full, the fish became hungry :


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