Tuesday, June 20, 2006

this few days when i log in to blogger,
they will always show me this :

in the past when i click refresh two or three times, i would finally get to log in ..
~until today.
i clicked refresh furiously for about a billion times, but they still give me that screen. grrrrrr.
in the end i typed : www.blogger.com/home instead of blogger.com ..
then, i finally could log in !! ~
hahas :) all thanks to my clever brain ~

they say the problem is something about what computer cookies one. i dunnoe all that lar. i only know i love chocolate cookies !!~ hmms. i wonder if my computer cookies are chocolatechip-flavoured ? no chocolatechip-flavour nevermind. milo-flavour will do :)

Yum Yum Yummy Yummy Yum !!~

hey. i woke up at early 9.30 am today .. im a good girl :)
mummy, do you hear that ?? will i have a chocolate cookie as a reward ?? O.o


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