Monday, June 26, 2006

im going to kill myself with this piece of beautiful orange triangle glass:

duh. i was kidding of course.
i just couldnt resist taking a photo of that piece of beautiful orange triangle glass.

well, school reopened today.
i wonder if the school gate-opener had any difficulties unlocking the school gate this morning after having a month of holiday?

i was early to school today!!
because great daddy gave me 5 bucks to take the taxi.
wheets. i found out that i know the directions to my school more than that botak taxi driver.
woho~ im a clever child.
i just dont know why maths teacher wants me to stay back every friday for a 5-hour maths tuition.
i, with my clever brain, should be doing something more worthful than looking at her face and the uninteresting/uncolourful/uncute maths textbook for
5 non-stop hours.
you MUST agree with me.

the school kindly gave us newspapers to read every monday.
or did we paid for it long time ago?? =(
and i realised that it's a month since i last read a newspaper.
i did miss the comics section alot.


speaking of comics, huimin told us a great joke today:
(1) what is HAPPY's surname?
ans: LEE. becos,
HAPPYLEE (happily)

~ wakaka * i know you guessed wrongly :)
(2) what is HAPPY's occupation?
ans: NURSE. because
HAPPYNURSE (happiness)

~ wohoho * i knew you would guess it wrongly again .
told you im clever.
you should be convinced now.


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