Thursday, June 22, 2006

i thought about this question justnow:
would i rather be blind, mute, or deaf ?

okay, im not cursing myself..
but i was just wondering,
of the blinds, the mutes and the deafs,
which of them are the most 'lucky' ?

if im blind, i could not look at cute guys.
:( life would be so boring ~ *yawns* hahas.

if im mute, i would not be able to talk.
:( cannot la~ * stamps foot and protest* talking is my favourite hobby leh!!

if im deaf, i would not be able to listen to nice nice songs.
:( i wouldnt be able to listen to sweettalks too !!~ *crys*

after weighing out the importances and non-importances of the consequences of each, i settled on being mute.
at least when im mute, i can use a notepad or whiteboard to transmit my feelings.
i would still be able to communicate. *cheers*

if im deaf, i would live life miserably. imagine watching the tv without sounds, being unable to eavesdrop on conversations in the bus, being unable to listen to the nice songs from radios.. live in a world devoided of noise ? i can't.

if im blind, i could not watch tv, could not blog, could not walk properly, could not see pretty and handsome faces, could not go shopping, could not see how my food look like, etc . i think being blind is the worst of the 3. being blind equals to not being able to do many things and ... and ... im afraid of the dark :(

i suddenly feel that im so so so lucky to have all 3.
i can see. i can cry.
i can talk. i can shout.
i can hear. i can eavesdrop.

hurray :)
i just realised that i wrote a whole long entry about being blind, mute and deaf.
i have nothing better to do ?

awww. huimin is unable to go out with me and fiona tomorrow :(
should i ask more people to come with us? and who?
hmmms ..

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