Monday, June 19, 2006

as i promised, the genting trip pictures are here !!
phew ~
i used ten thousand hours to sort out the pictures and upload them into blogger sia ...
im glad its done.
*wipes sweat*

We woke up at 4am in the morning and was 1 hour early .
we spent the time staring at each other for one hour, before we finally went up the bus ..

concidentally, our return-bus was also this bus, with the same plate-number.
i know the bus loves us.

we sat on the bottom-decker and i love it.
there are only 9 seats at the bottom-decker, and a thousand seats on the top-decker.
which do you prefer?
of course i prefer the bottom-decker.
hahas . becos im nearer to the tv, fridge, basin, and cupboards !!

we spent half and hour trying to figure out how to blow bubbles with bubblegums ... and i failed x(

hahas .after a million years of staying in the bus, we reached GENTINGS !!~ Genting was empty ?!!wohohos.
We bought many many many things food !!

by the time i went back to our hotel room, i was dead tired.

and then we took some stupid photos : _________

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