Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i seriously think that i do sleepwalk everynight.
To the kitchen.
or maybe even to the coffeeshop.

that MUST be the reason why i looked larger in the mirror than usual.
or did mum changed the mirror to a bigger one?? hmms.

i didnt eat much this few days.
maybe a little more than usual ....
or maybe alot more ... =X
BUT !!
i cant be growing fat so fast right??
it would take some time to process the food to fats right?

some magic must be taking place in my stomach.
some aliens have kidnapped me afew days ago,
injected a alien-magician into my stomach,
and brought me back to Singapore.

concidentially, this alien-magician is an evil fat witch,
who loves to see ME growing fatter and fatter as each 24 hours pass.
she's turning all the food that accidently falls down my throat into fat looking fats as quick as lightning.
its even faster than the thunder.

i have to be fair.
im not suppose to blame these aliens/magicians/mirrors ..
its all that piece of attractive delicious chicken's fault.

that stupid chicken.
im gonna eat it up.

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