Sunday, June 18, 2006

i almost died yesterday.
mum and i was at the coffeeshop lastnight, and the tv was showing WorldCup Portugal vs Iran.
EVERYONE's eyes in the coffeeshop was fixed on the television..
i wont be surprised if nobody bothers to even take a second glance at FannWong even if she walks pass 22 times.
hahas .

okay. back to me.
it was actually quite peaceful, and there wasnt alot of noise.
everyone was concentrating on the television quietly and im sure they wont notice if i put black sauce on their french fries.
heehees ..
Then at 10.20pm,
suddenly the whole coffeeshop bursted into shouts of 'GOAL' !!
( without giving me warning sign !! grrrrrrr ... )

mum jumped one metre high.
i jumped two metres high.

i almost died of heart attack ~
awwwww ....
im convinced that the WorldCup is indeed FATAL .

erm .. about the genting trip photos,
im sorry guys.
i just realised that it will take me till tomorrow to upload all the pictures into blogger..
the photos will be up by tomorrow bahs (maybe) ~
come back again ~

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