Sunday, June 25, 2006

im back from working.
every weekend, i would help out at my mum's stall.
woho. im a fillial daughter.
actually, not whole day.
just morning afew hours, and night afew hours.
at night, sometimes there would be some cute guys around.
but in the morning, there are wierd people around.

one of them is HER : (* the background is covered because Eric is trying to know where i work at !! )

She comes every weekend, and sit infront of mum's stall.
sometimes she eat, sometimes she dont.
she is quite friendly to us actually.
But the problem about her is, she doesnt allow others to sit at that particular table when she's around. (except us, of course)..
She would usually place her umbrella or bag on the middle of the table, so that other people wont share tables with her. and when some people really sit at one side of the table, she will push her things towards the person and place it infront of that person, so that the person cannot eat there. she wants the whole table to herself.

well, thats not the main point.
she usually comes around 10-11 am,
and when she comes, and she sees people sitting at that table, she will suddenly throw a temper, and scold those innocent people.

she would say : '' this people eat shit one lor!! '' ..
everytime is like that.
and until those innocent people finally leave, then she will stop her grumblings.

she would also sometimes reprimand me : ''why you never put your things there?? you put your things there then people wont sit there liao mahs!!''
those table are MEANT for the customers.
not us. what rights do we have to 'chope' the whole table when we werent even using it?
so most of the time, i just keep quiet when that old lady nag at me.
and i think she doesnt realise something.
she thinks that the table is not for customers.. she thinks its for the stall tenders.
she forgot that she herself is a customer.
what rights does she have to chase away and scold another person for sitting at that place and in the end she sits there herself??

im quite embarrass whenever she scolds those innocent people.
because i would always be dragged into the picture.
she would always say: ''she needs to help her mum cut *blahblah* ''
when i didnt say i need to.

today it happened again. awww. and someone asked me if she is abit crazy. one even asked me whether she is my grandma. #$%@^&*!!!

i dunnoe if she is really abit crazy in the head, or is every old woman so stubborn??
hahas. except my grandmothers though. they are sweet, cute and kind :)

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