Monday, June 19, 2006


*note: my face wont appear in any of DayFour's photos. kekes . cos not nice ~ x)

after that we went to take a walk photos in the garden ..
mummy love flowers
joanne love flowers
daddy love bushes =X
i love flowers too !~ daddy wants us to pose like this :

and then we went to eat Bak Kut teh at this sort-of restaurant
yum yum yummy yummy yum !~
2 big bowls of chicken-cooked-in-wine and bak kut teh costs ...
almost RM 80 !!

anyways, before checking out of the hotel, we purposely make a big mess of the hotel room.
*wicked laughs*
we made the toilet floor dirty by stamping in our shoes.
we turned the tv to face the curtains.
we made a mess of the bed.
we took the telephone out of the hook. ^^

back to the bus again ! this time, all fell asleep once we got into the bus. only me and joanne watched the whole of The Garfield Movie. heehees. Cute nehs !
at 8.o6 pm, we tried to take a photo of the clock.
(it is pitch black cos the sky is dark and the driver closed the lights )
the first few tries are like this : (because the bus was moving/vibrating)
Finally we took one nice one :) =)

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