Sunday, June 4, 2006

*Archoo .*
*Archoo Archoo !*

someone please pass me a huge cute teddybear tissue box . please .


hells .
heaven .
earth .
green tea .

wad happened ?
well , today i was happily walking home , and was perfectly fine .
then when i almost reached the voiddeck of my flat ,
i sneezed .

and then i dunnoe why ,
i archoo-ed all the way till i am back home , and still ar-chooing .
i guess i could have broke the world record for sneezing a zillion times in a short 1o minutes .
aww . hate it .
( i seriously think that someone had throw pepper outside his window, and the pepper hit my nose )

anyways , this morning i suddenly thought of the nursery rhyme :
Mary Mary Quite Contray,
How Does Your Garden Grow?
With Silver Bells And Cockle Shells,
And Pretty Maids All in a Row .

i was quite pleased that i could still remember such a chim poem.
hohos .
not chim mehs ?
i remember that lastime when i was in primary school,
i dunnoe why suddenly i like this poem ,
and then i spent 2 weeks trying to memorise it.
2 weeks sia .
dun i have better things to do during that time ??

1o years later ,
i would look back to this post and wonder :
'' dun i have better things to do during that time than writing about sneezing and nursery rhymes ?? ''

im in a good mood .
Lets not spoil it .
Buy me a Cheese Cake.


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