Thursday, June 29, 2006

found this somewhere. its meaningful =)

* start _
when i jumped off the building,

10th storey: i saw the well-known loving couple hitting each other.

9th storey: i saw Sean worrying about his sick daughter.
8th storey: Ah mei just found out that her fiance is sleeping with her best friend. 7th Storey: DanDan is taking her daily anti-depression medicine.
6th storey: Jobless heng stills buy 7 newspapers everyday to search for a job everyday.
5th storey: the much-respected Mr wong is trying his wife's undergarment. 4th Storey: Rose is fighting with her boyfriend again. 3rd storey: Old man is still hoping everyday that someone would come by and pay him a visit. 2nd storey: i saw lily staring at the picture of her lost husband since half a year ago. 1st storey: the people that i saw justnow are looking at me now.i think after they see me now, they might feel that their problems are not that bad after all. ~ the end *

i love this comic strip alot.

Remember that there will always be someone who has worser problems than you.
CHEER UP, fiona and huimin,
and everyone who has been feeling down this few days.
days will get better :)

people living in this block are all having problems.
maybe fengshui not good.
they should move house.

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