Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yesterday mum came home happily.
she was smiling from ear to ear .
then when she began unpacking loads of
'things-that-girls-love' (make-up, bags ,shoes, etc) ,
i realised that she went on a shopping spree .
she bought loads of things that are not cheap , and even gave me June's issue of HerWorld magazine .
wow . so good ..
looking at her going on a shopping spree with her friends,
i suddenly had an urge to grow up .
i wan to be an adult , work and earn my personal salary and go on shopping sprees and buy anything i want :)
at least i could account for my own charges . .

justnow i suddenly thought about the orientation days when i was in secondary one. our class had to play a game called FruitSalad (an advanced version of musical chairs) ..
my first friend at that school was Suku .
i remembered that day, i had to do afew push-ups infront of the class as the forfeit for the game .
Suku knew that i dunoe how to do push-ups , so she volunteered to do it for me . subsequently, she also did the other forfeits for me ..
what a great friend.
im a lucky girl :)

lalala ~ i love all my friends .
they brighten my teenage years :)

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