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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

first POST

yea . here i am . my blog is finally completed :)
*please applause*
and yes , that body up there belongs to me . hahaa . wanted to put something that belongs to me , but cant decide on which face / picture of mine to put up there . so decided on using body . hohox.
after using photoshop to edit , i sent the pic over to huimin (bel and suku at her house ).
FHM , bel , and suku say nice . im so pleased . hahaa .
den i sent it to desmond .
noe wad he say ?

(click to view large version)

' iceangel* says:
help me see if this design is ok anot
- desmond says:
not ok
' iceangel* says:
- desmond says:
why u show off ur assets..
' iceangel * says:
aiya ., i say the design la .
- desmond says:
cannot !
- desmond says:
ppl will look at ur NEHNEH
' iceangel * says:
aiya . its not as if i never wear ...

hahaa . decide to use it anyway x)

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