Sunday, May 21, 2006

i made a HUGE discovery ..
i have 8 friends with the name of ALEX .
awww .
i cant remember their surnames ..

hees .
by the way , there are 4 stages in my lunch .

haha ~ look at the huge pile of beehoon . guess how much it cost ? $1 !!!~
actually i told the auntie that i want beehoon with one piece of luncheonmeat only .
it is suppose to cos $1 plusplus . but she gave me discount .den she asked me if i got eat veggies der anot . i said yes , den she added free veggies for me .
hahaa . all this privileges comes because mum's social circle is big ~ hahaa . that auntie knows my mum . so as my mum's daughter, i get privileges !! too bad its beehoon . i do wish it was diamonds .
hahaa .
(btw, i didnt finish the free veggies . they are super-super oily)

x) another tata day .

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