Monday, May 29, 2006

boo .
today's o'level chinese paper was SUPER DIFFICULT :(
i cannot get a A2 already .
solution :
buy me a chocolate-icecream to cheer me up .. =X

hahaa .
well neverminds . i made a great discovery today :
GCE O`levels =
General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level

den me and fiona thought :
so, GCE A levels must be
General Certificate of Education Additional Level
General Certificate of Education Advance Level
General Certificate of Education Apple Level
General Certificate of Education Aeroplane Level

~ guess which is the correct one ?

haha . actually ... i also dunnoe ^^
wait for me to find out when i take Alevels lo .

by the way, today huimin found a little kitten at starbucks .
so we named it starbucks .
isnt it cute ??

it's shy .. hohos:

He thinks the right-side of his face is more handsome:then he suddenly decides that his left-side looks nicer :
it then decides that it's topview looks cuter :
hohos . its so small and cute !! well, im not exactly an animal-lover .
im not nuts about them and i am scared of them when they come too near.
hahaa . but i like looking at cute and small kittens and puppies :)
[ im not interested in birds and fishes ~ unless the fish is cooked...hohos ]

btw, i just watched Devil Beside You (chapter one) ..
watch it .
[click here] DEVIL BESIDE YOU

- see ? im so good . i intro nice shows to those who read my blog ..
so, you should view my blog everyday ..
right ?
say yes .

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