Wednesday, May 24, 2006

left school early yesterday and went for hospital appointment and after that went to Suntec . took some random pictures :)

no, i didnt went to the hospital for this plaster. haha . i just took the plaster for fun :)

we bought loads of chocolates . this is one of them .. hohos .

oh no ~ eating too much chocolates results in being fat like this :

all the sunshine shined towards me . dun snatch hors .. MINE . =X

at last .. at Raffles City . i saw raffles :) ......on a cover of a book -.-

i want this 2 books !! the lipstick chronicles book one and book two . each book only $18.oo++ .. buy for me ....... xP

someone sponsored this bracelet for me :)

hees .. nothing much .. just a photo blog xP

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