Monday, May 15, 2006

Awwww ~
i went to school with an empty brain today .
becos i was too sleepy that i took the wrong brain, and left the cleverbrain at home .

i could not answer any of the questions in my Amaths exam .
and i could not understand wad my Principles Of Accounts paper was talking about ..
pathetic .
( i seriously think that the Amaths paper and the POA paper had a secret meeting last night and decided to ganged-up and bully me )
sobs . im going to report them to the police for bullying me . hmmphf *

i miss the 1+1=2 kind of maths x(

so , ANYWAYS , i found my mini-comb !!
it was hiding at the bottom of my bag ..
hmms .
maybe it thought i wanted to play hide-and-seek with it when i count 1 to 10 for fun last week
i scolded my comb for hiding and told it harshly that i wasnt playing with it .
den it bursted into tears .
so now my house is flooded . and im drowning .
and i cant swim !!~
im sorry comb !! i will speak to you nicely nextime ..
SAVE ME !! .... save me please .. !~

oh . im so lamed by my own lameness .
faints .
(into the water)

save me ..


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