Thursday, May 4, 2006

(im not joking . im really thirsty the whole day~)

hees .. firstly , CONGRATULATE ME !!
quick !!
wohoho . im so so so HAPPY !
noe why ?!
i finally RECOVER from fever !!
my throat doesnt hurts anymore !! i can SHOUT again ! i can SCREAM again ! i can TALK again ! i can EAT again! hahaa . i missed eating drinking talking and shouting for the past few days lo . hahaa .. I LOVE TALKING .

becos of fever, i losted 3kg . but now im eating again . joanne cooked this for me :)

YUMM !!!
anyways , today we were in maths class , and as usual , me and fiona were talking again . im so glad dat mdm foo wont be back for another 2 weeks . so , that means we can continue talking for another 2 weeks , becos mr cheng has completely washed me and fiona off his hands . ok , anyways , while we were in maths class , suddenly our class saw a BIG BIG BIG swarm of bees outside the window . and it is really a big swarm !! den suddenly alot of gals are screaming at those sitting at the sides to close the windows. when we thought we were safe, we realised that the top windows canot be closed . its too high . oh no ! the bees can fly in ! den i realised i was clutching at my bag which was on my lap , getting ready to run the moment one bee fly in . weidong and another guy began to stand up and shout some nonsense like ' run ! quick ! run ! oh no! they are coming towards us ! ' .. i forgot the exact words . it was just so funny lo. weidong is extremely hyper today .
see ?
our class loves looking out of that window.

alright , after school, me and fiona went to this really nice scenery place and had a picnic .

okay , its just the voiddeck behind the bustop -.- hohox .. we had a total of 2 picnics :) hahaas . ok .. actually no picnic , just some snacks - a snack and a packet drink . each had 2 sets . hees . .told you im bingeing on food again . actually i wanted to go home early today to study for social studies exam tomoro . i have a total of 6 chapters to memorise , and i havent even flipped the first page . hmms . in the end i got home quite late . i mean , later than wad i actually wanted . hms .

grrr . just realised that i forgot where i place my hp . cant find it . want to send fiona a sorry cos i didnt wan to chat with her jusnow . i was busy . ~oh ... WHERE IS IT ???? !!! :(

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