Sunday, May 14, 2006


later going out with mummy :) hees . im so fillial =X
hahaa . this morning i and mummy saw a auntie receiving flowers from her daughter . den mummy say flowers no use ders . very expensive somemore afew days die liaos . she dunwan daddy to buy flowers . she prefer something with more value . but she added that she dun mind receiving flowers from those 'flies' around her . the 'flies' she meant are all those 'want to jio her one but sure wont succeed' that kind . hahaa . she say the 'flies' wan to waste money on her , is not her problem marhs . if daddy waste money , it equals to wasting her money .. so cannot -.- hahaa . den mummy say lastime daddy got buy a diamond ring worth 1/3 of his salary before . but daddy quite disappointed cos mummy didnt sound VERY happy . hehe . cos mummy thinks its too expensive ..
wah . i tell mummy that if got a guy use 1/3 of his salary to buy for me , i sure very very 'gan dong' der lo ~ x)

erm ...
anyone want to spend money on me ....???
hohos x)


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