Friday, May 5, 2006

hehes . second post of the day :)
just itchy hand want write one more .. hehes .

tada !

just feel like showing my studytable :) messy right ? its like that everyday . hahaa . cos i seldom go to my studytable , except to :

1. charge hp
2. open radio
3. find keys
4. find make-ups/ accessories
5. occasionally some other things .

hahaa . the floor is even messier . magazines, calendars, waterbottles, plasticbags, wastepaper, files, wrappers lie around the floor. its untidy . but not dirty . hahaa . i can stand these little litters on my territory but i cant stand milo stains, unknown brown spots on my floor. i will immediately clear them up :) hahaa .

As for that big stack of yellow plastic bag there, it is not there usually .. i left it there yesterday while looking for my sec3's socialstudies textbook . hohox. i think it will be there till mum nags at me =X

See this . UNTIDY studytable EQUALS untidy classroom:

~ ok .. i think i must be boring you to hell already .

** BLINK **

topic changed :

today after school me, fiona, huimin , bel and suku went to TM . it has been a long time since we 5 went out together .. SO FUN !! i was laughing the whole time .. very hyperish and did some really stupid actions .. totally lose my image lo . wokoko . . now that my voice is back . i was talking non-stop also . hahaa .. hope nextime still can lydat always go out 5 together :)

Byes ..
off to talk to the talkative girl in the mirror x)


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