Wednesday, May 17, 2006

do you remember The Teletubbies ??

hohos . lastnight was feeling extremely sian and the tv didnt have anything worth to watch except the 11 oclock news . so me and joanne pounced on the vcds drawer and found TELETUBBIES .
i used to like teletubbies during primary school , when the craze was on . i even had a Laa-Laa soft-toy. i think i threw it away when i heard about teletubby-ghosts . During that time, i already had these teletubbies vcds but i guess i didnt really watched them . So yesterday i picked out one of these vcds and slotted them into the dvd player to my mum's horror .
Joanne was whining : " why want to watch teletubby ?! very boring der. their actions very slow der. watch tom and jerry lei .. " ..
As usual, i ignored her and proceed to click PLAY on the remote control . Soon, joanne was laughing with me . i felt the simple feeling of a kid, laughing to the cartoon as though there arent any problems in life .
Teletubbies were stupid , and i watched the whole show =X
When dad came home , i caught him standing behind me watching the teletubbies too !! ..


Anyways, talking about cartoons ,
mum is hooked on NeoPets !!
lastweek, i introduced to her playing NeoPets , cos she was pestering me where got games to play and wont boring one . i was studying for exams and thus anyhow lead her to NeoPets and told her the basic knowledge about it . now, she has thousands of NeoPoints and played it everyday .
From the moment she get home from work, she bathe and immediately play Neopets on Dad's computer, all the way until Dad says he wants to sleep .
hohos . i teased mum that she may the oldest in the NeoPet FanClub ~

Moral of this entry : everyone is still a child at heart . Hurray :)

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