Tuesday, May 30, 2006

i fried egg to go with my maggi-mee for dinner .
i broke the egg into the pan and the yolk decides to splatter :(
so my egg looked like this :

wierd egg .
hahaa .
neverminds . at least my noodles was curly :)
hees ^^ i had to find something to make my egg adventure sound like a success marhs ....

right after my cooking adventure , the knee 'adventure' appeared ..

the table edge scratched my knee !
OUCH~ :(

joanne is the greatest victim .
cos i grumbled and whined into her ears about my egg and my knee .
hahaa. now's your turn to hear me whine ..

pain pain pain !!
pain pain !!
pain !!


by the way , i dunnoe how i reached this blog, but i think this post is funny .
click here to view it .

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