Wednesday, May 10, 2006

denise introduced this blog to me long time ago.

well, i forgot (as usual) .
den i suddenly remembered justnow. so i went in and browse through some of their posts . ok , they are a gay couple , singaporean gay couple . but they are really SWEET lo . sweeter than some normal couples . saw their forum and saw many guys scolding them, saying that colin and kero are a disgrace to the male race . well, i dun think this guys should hate colin and kero . after all , gays leave them with more girls to choose from . dun they ? they should love these gays ...

hahaa . thats all about gays .
yesterday i went to make passport .
the queue to take the pic was LONG. . wads more , the photographer inside was damn fussy . she dun allow my fringe to cover even o.5 cm of my eyebrows . they demand me to either clip it up or wet it , so that it looks ugly . cant they understand that i look hideous with my fringe tucked way up ?? thats not all . after 1o long minutes of fussing around my hair , they dun allow me to wear my own specs , which are frameless ( and better looking ) .. they pushed me a black framed glasses . i look freaking stupid in those glasses and mummy was laughing . hmmpfh *

well ,the picture that got printed out was of course hideous and i shall not post it up here for more people to laugh at . . they didnt even edit my freckles and eyeliner smudges .. hmms . i do a better job at editing than them .. hahaa . i and my sis plan to be a passport photographer when we grow up . and then we are going to revenge by ordering everyone to clip their fringe up high, wear big ancient glasses worn by a thousand of unknown bangalas , and force them to smile a geeky smile . den we edit their pics by adding pimples .. *evil smile* hiak hiak hiak ..

hahaa . im kidding . i want a better job than that . x)
anyways , while we were at there , i took some pictures .. not so nice though .. yesterday was bad-face-day .

i took this while mum wasnt watching .. hahaa .. pardon me .. i just had nothing to do okay ...

i took 4 photos in the toilet and only this ONE came out acceptable .the others were 'cannot-make-it' .. hahaa

told you my side view not nice liaos ..

hahaa .. enough of photos .. 3 is enough.. hahaa . anyways , after making that stupid passport , we went to book our tickets ~ we are going to genting highlands on June 12 to June 15 !! 4 days of absolute fun .. hahaa . it has been 2 years plus since i last went there . whoa . im so so so EXCITED .. hahaa ~ congratulate me, PLEASE .. hahaa . thanks, i hear that :)

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