Tuesday, May 30, 2006

lastnight i watched my mum's friend's daughter's wedding video .
so touching sia !
the father cried when they 'handed over' the bride to the groom during the 'handover' ceromony .

and the newly-wed couples are so sweet!
at the start of the video, the groom has to go through some games before he can enter the girl's home to bring her over to his place. he willingly played the games and there is one part where he has to shout 'i love you' to the girl very loudly .

throughout the day , the guy was so caring to his bride, and occasionally joked some things to brighten up the boring video . hahaa . even towards the end of the day , after the wedding dinner where he got quite drunk and tired, he still hugged and look at his bride lovingly. i think he would be a great husband in the future :)

oh gosh . i suddenly feel like marrying .
i shall accept any guy who proposes to me by today .


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