Saturday, May 27, 2006

i dun like the inventer of Mozilla FireFox !!
now firefox users cant read my blog .
becos my blog is designed in a way that only Internet Explorer users can read accurately .
and i dunnoe how to design one that can be seen on FireFox :(
if you can read this , it means you aren't using
Gozilla FireForks (mozilla firefox) .

this is how messy and ugly my blog looks like in a Firefox Window :

[click here to view image]
* image taken by IcyHeart. thankyou :)
- thanks cheryl too..

grrrrrrrrrrr .
Pissed .
dun install Mozilla Firefox !! they are evil !!
lets be loyal to Internet Explorer :) hahaa .

btw , please
give your choice on my blog design !

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